The cobblers children have no shoes…or rather the Furniture salesperson and her worn out sofa…reluctant to replace.

I work in a furniture store…surrounded by beautiful sofas, love seats and sectionals.  Leather and fabric recliners abound…and yet…I still have a hole-y and worn out 15 year old sofa that I sleep on most nights…

(I should have gotten this beauty when I was so awesome)

I know in my head I need to replace it and yet…like old shoes., fits so well. Worn in, in places that fit the contours of my body…The dog loves it. Too much so…I have patches that gave birth to patches on this couch…and yet….


When it was new…I wasn’t sure I even liked it or that it fit in the room…but like the pieces back then It was over sized, over stuffed and affordable…and it replaced a piece that was about 10 yrs old and lived through 3 moves, my then dog Sophie and Fiesta and Freedom cats….It had history and I was reluctant to replace it….but I did.

The current worn out sofa has lived through the passing of one dog and now enduring the chewing of a rescue dog living the life of luxury…as well as kittens with claws….which began the demise of said worn out sofa.

Maybe I am being overcritical but I can’t seem to find a suitable and affordable replacement.  I sit on the ones and work and imagine it in my home and something is missing.  I look on line at our competitors to see if any of their sofas would work…and something is missing.

I can not seem to find the right one…I feel like Goldilocks and the three bears and the beds…

Today as I walked through the house it came to me why I am so reluctant to replace. With each replacement I am ending a chapter and beginning a new one…and I am just not completely ready to start a new chapter with a new sofa. So…I think I will go get some more patches and live with this worn out one for a little longer…some things are harder to replace than others….

It may not  be pretty…and it isn’t …but it is comfortable

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